Marty's Playland arcade has been entertaining guests on Ocean City's famous boardwalk ever since it began in the 1940s. It was one of the town's first complete arcade venues, and has evolved to be a true amusement icon in the resort town that has not lost touch with its roots.

Playland is one of the few air-conditioned arcades left in the area that continues to carry on tradition by offering vintage Crane Digger and Skee Ball machines for families to play, along with a vintage Fortune Teller from the 1940s and several 80s-era games like Pac Man. Also unique to Playland is its lineup of Pinball Machines, some of which are antiques, which most modern day arcades have long abandoned. But, while Playland strives to set itself apart by continuing to offer antique games, it also offers a complete lineup of the most up-to-date video and redemption games.

In conjunction with operating a full arcade on the first floor, Playland also offers several vacation apartments on the second floor. The Playland Apartments have proven to be an attractive vacation spot because of their appeal and convenience.